The Legend of Korra: Trauma and Recovery

Over the seasons, Korra has dealt with many issues, from things like rivalry and betrayal to terrorism, civil war, spiritualism and with the arc that is currently on, it looks like it is set to tackle self-discovery and the long-term effects of injury and trauma.


Bangalore Comic Con 2014

With a bigger and friendlier venue, Comic Con came back to Bangalore this year and its message was loud and clear: there’s no qualification required to geek out; everyone’s invited.

Twitter Fights Back Against Harassment With Love

In the latest explosion of online harassment, game developer and cyborg Zoe Quinn has been accused by sections of the internet of having used her personal relationships to further her career. Whether the allegations are baseless or not, people have taken it upon themselves to hack her accounts and threaten her and her family. The harassment has also spread…

Thoughts on My Evolution With Pokémon

As a way of continuing my post from here, I leave you with this… If you’d like to hear about what happened between me and Pokémon after I played the original. Technically, you needed more than four batteries… Without a back-lit screen, you needed a torch as well to play under the sheets at night. Since those first hours stuck in the Rock…

Back to the Basics with Pokémon Origins

Where my Charmander at? I’m drying my eyes as I write this. I’ve played a lot of games over the years, and have devoted hundreds of hours to individual game franchises. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard about 98% of all dialogue in Mass Effect, and the world of Azeroth has claimed entire months of my…