Build Your Own Game Jam 2015


It’s that time of the year again – the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference is right around the corner, and the BYOG Jam is almost upon us! The yearly game jam now has a new home on the Games from India website that was started earlier this year.

Similar to previous BYOG jams, there is an open vote on the themes, and the final theme announcement will be made on the morning of Friday, October 9th. The jam will then run till 12:00 pm on October 12th. From the games submitted, 5 will be shortlisted and showcased at the Developer Conference. Currently people are allowed to vote for 3 out of the 12 themes, but we’re expecting a twist to be thrown in at the last moment, as we saw last year with participants having to pick from both the most popular and least popular themes.

Last year’s BYOG Jam saw some interesting takes on the themes and over 25 participating teams. We’re looking forward to seeing even more creativity and skill this year from developers across the country, along with an influx of fresh talent.

If you’re a developer, it’s also worth noting that this is the last week to nominate your game for the NGF Awards. See you all at the conference!


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