Beer and Video Games – LXG Ties Up With Big Pitcher


Game lovers of Bangalore, rejoice! Big Pitcher has teamed up with the League of Extraordinary Gamers to bring together video games and good beer in a union that’s often dreamt of but rarely achieved.

Equipped with television screens, consoles and comfortable seating, the first floor of Big Pitcher is set to become a destination for both diehard fan and casual gamer alike. The setup currently has two Playstation 4s and one Xbox 360, and LXG co-founder Aravind Ananth sounded excited about the possibility of further expanding it in the future. The area also has a foosball table and an easily accessible smoking zone for a quick cigarette between games if you’re so inclined.

The venue has already hosted a FIFA 15 tournament, and plans to hold regular tournaments, viewing events of professional games and other game-related events. Apart from FIFA 15, you can also play games like Dance Central, Mortal Kombat X and Far Cry 4.

Also, did we mention that the beer is good? The beer is good.

Currently, an hour at one of the consoles will cost you Rs.100. You can check out LXG’s Facebook page for more information.


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